duplicate keyid survey results

Hironobu SUZUKI hironobu@h2np.net
Mon Mar 11 01:00:02 2002

> 32 bit key ID:
> 64 bit key ID:
> 128 bit key ID (v3) (one line wrapped by MTA):
> 160 bit key ID (v4) (one line wrapped by MTA):

Retrieving by 64bit key ID was done. It is available via Web interface
from  http://www.openpksd.org/findkey/index.html

openpksd's database has 32bit<->64bit key mapping table.

It is easy to support 128 bit and 160 bit keyID. Long key reduces the
possibility of collision but I'm wondering that handing cost of
128/160 bit key ID is suitable cost for keyserver.

Hironobu SUZUKI
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