Compatibility problem ??

Steve Butler
Tue Mar 12 19:05:02 2002

The message you are showing is not the same our clients had, but there does
appear to be a cipher preference problem for DSH/ELG key pairs generated by
1.0.6.  Once our clients went to the latest version of pgp 7, they were able
to use the keys.

You're message almost sounds like you sent them a public key that can only
sign but not encrypt.  However, that might be an artifact of the above issue
dealing with the cipher preferences.  I forget which one was causing
problems on the PGP side.

Stephen M Butler
Oracle Administrator
First Choice Health Network

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Subject: Compatibility problem ??


is there a known compatibility problem of GPG with PGP 6 and 7?
Other people can't use my gpg key because "key can't be used for
I used the default values for key generation with gpg 1.0.6
There's nothing about that in the FAQ.

Thanks in advance

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