GnuPG in Linux... a little help for a Windoze user?

Anthony E. Greene
Sat Mar 16 01:37:02 2002

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On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, AthlonRob wrote:
>I joined this group hoping there would be information on running GnuPG
>under Linux, with some reasonable front end. I'm having a hard time
>compiling anything at the moment (the front end I chose seems to really
>like Qt 1.4, which really doesn't like me).

I'm assuming you're taling about a GUI front end for GPG.

I used tkpgp for a while, but it was not worth the trouble. I generally use 
GPG for email. I run pine and used it display/send filter functions to pipe 
the text through GPG. It sounds harder than it is. The bottom line is that 
after setting it up, Pine calls GPG automatically to handle in incoming 
signed and/or encrypted messages and I get an offer to sign or sign/encrypt 
each outgoing message. It just doesn't get much easier.

If you use KMail or Evolution, GPG support is included.

If you need to process files, the command line is simple:

  gpg --encrypt filename --recipient [userid substring OR keyid]
  gpg --sign filename
  gpg --clearsign textfile
  gpg --decrypt filename (automatically checks signature too)
  gpg --verify filename (automatically retrieves key if necessary)

I spent some time looking for GUI front ends, but the commands are simple 
enough that I eventually concluded that it was a waste of time to spend 
hours fooling around with GUIs.

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