GnuPG in Linux... a little help for a Windoze user?

Graham Todd
Sat Mar 16 03:51:01 2002

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On Saturday 16 March 2002 12:13 am, you uttered these words of widom 
regarding GnuPG in Linux... a little help for a Windoze user?:

> Hey everybody-
> After reading for a day now, I'm seeing almost everybody uses
> Windows.  Does anybody have any advice for places to look for a
> PGP-like solution for Linux and information on how exactly to use it?
> I'd really appreciate some direction  :-)
> Rob

The latest version of PGP that has been released for Linux is PGP 
6.5.8, and then only for the commandline.  GPG is also a commandline 
program.  In fact, there is nothing in Linux approaching the 
flexibility and functions of PGP with the GUI (nor may I add, I've not 
come across anything even approaching GPGShell [a Windows front end for 
GPG] in Linux).

The reason for this is mainly the key management functions, which are 
(sadly) missing from most front ends in Linux, and the ability to 
encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify text in a window having the focus.

The nearest thing that there is to it is to use an emailer like Kmail, 
Evolution, or Xfmail with built in support for PGP and GPG, but of 
course these will only deal with encryption/ signing/ decryption/ 
verification, not with key management.  There are some front ends that 
will enable you to keep your keyrings up to date, Seahorse and 
Geheimnis amongst them and they are useful to have about, but not 
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