Problem with --not-dash-escaped
Wed Mar 20 00:53:02 2002

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 01:37:55AM +0100, wrote:
> Hello All!
> Is there a problem with 'gpg --not-dash-escaped --clearsign ...' under
> Windows ?
> When I sign a message with the above command I don't get any error
> messages. But when I check the signature afterwards with
> 'gpg --verify ...' I always get the message : Invalid signature.
> I use GnuPG 1.0.6 under Windows 98. (The binary distribution from
> Can anyone help ?
> P.S: I didn't send the signed message via email and it didn't contain
>        5 dashes at the beginning of a line, so that is not the problem

>> Can you post a short sample signature that did not work?  Also, sort
>> of key are you signing with?

I am signing with a 1024 Bit DSA key, but I can reproduce the error with
all keys.
The error only happens under Windows and only if the last line of the
message I am signing is not empty (i.e. the message does not end with
CR - LF).
When I sign a message that does not end with CR - LF GnuPG adds a
CR - LF pair.
That triggers the bug. When I delete the CR (and not the LF) which was
added by GnuPG the signature becomes valid !
So that seems to be the problem.


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