how to revoke a key?

Nick Andriash
Mon Mar 25 19:07:01 2002

Hello Steve Butler,

On Monday, March 25 2002 at 08:07 AM PDT, you wrote:

> He may have to export it to a file with --armour.  Then take the file
> to a clipboard.  Run up to the keyserver on the web and manually paste
> it as a new key.  That's what I ended up doing when I had to use a
> revoke certificate.

I am just curious, but why did you have to go through so much trouble to
revoke a Key? We are currently in the process of updating our PGP-Basics
Lists' GnuPG/Windows Help File, and in it we mention that once the file
that was first created in the revocation process is imported back into
your KeyRing, all that remains is to upload the Public Key to the
KeyServer. Is that not true?

Nick Andriash
Courtenay, B.C. Canada