Re[2]: Licensing

DeBug debug <>
Tue Mar 26 18:01:02 2002

SB> I picked the following up from

SB> Free software is a matter of the users' freedom ...
Thank you Steve for this comment. It is ridiculous how many
people still dont make the difference between
<freeware> and <free software>
especially the commercial part of it is not understood properly
SB> ``Free software'' does not mean ``non-commercial''.
SB> A free program MUST be available for commercial use,
SB> commercial development, and commercial distribution.

I keep explaining it all the time to the people i meet :)

What i don't understand quite well is why OSI,GPL and alike
licenses are not compatible with free competition rule.
The rule i find to be more important than 4 freedoms you mentioned
Here is an example:
GPL'ed software is offered (for extra money) to those who are not satisfied with GPL
conditions, that means in fact that those who use the software under
GPL are discriminated compared to those who use the same software
under modified and less restrictive conditions.

>From this point of view I find LGPL to be much better.

Best regards,