Re[2]: Licensing

Frank Tobin
Tue Mar 26 18:35:01 2002

DeBug, on 2002-03-26, wrote:

> What i don't understand quite well is why OSI,GPL and alike licenses are
> not compatible with free competition rule. The rule i find to be more
> important than 4 freedoms you mentioned Here is an example: GPL'ed
> software is offered (for extra money) to those who are not satisfied
> with GPL conditions, that means in fact that those who use the software
> under GPL are discriminated compared to those who use the same software
> under modified and less restrictive conditions.

You don't epxect people to believe this trollish talk, do you?

First, there is no "free competition rule".

Second, if an author of GPL'd software sold copies to another party under
a non-GPL license, that party would likely have many more restrictions
placed upon them than the GPL does.  For instance, they likely wouldn't be
allowed to distribute any changes and would only be able to use it for the
purpose X and not Y.  The GPL grants both these freedoms.  The third party
would get a tradeoff of being able to resell/link to the product, but with
other restrictions put in place.

And you certainly don't seem to have a grasp of what the OSI is, and how
it differs from the FSF.

Frank Tobin