Re[3]: Licensing

DeBug debug <>
Tue Mar 26 18:56:01 2002

>> What i don't understand quite well is why OSI,GPL and alike licenses are
>> not compatible with free competition rule.

FT> You don't epxect people to believe this trollish talk, do you?
FT> First, there is no "free competition rule".
FT> Second, if an author of GPL'd software sold copies to another party under
FT> a non-GPL license, that party would likely have many more restrictions
FT> placed upon them than the GPL does.
It's great that Steve tried to explain what <free software> is all about
now i see that my understanding of it is quite different from yours, Frank
For me <free software> means first of all freedom to compete on it,
and what i see in GPL - it does not really garantee such a freedom

But ok , this discussion should be taken elsewhere...
If you like you can enlighten me on OSI privately or redirect me
to some appropriate forum (thank you in advance)...

Best regards,