Announcing a tool to restore original filename automatically

uwe puchta
Tue Mar 26 22:58:01 2002

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One of the things I've allways missed in gnuPG was the ability to restore=
 the original=20
filename automatically when decrypting. gnuPG just cuts off the '.gpg' ex=
tension. If I=20
want to stealth the original file name or even only the file extension of=
 the original file=20
name, I'm more or less lost. e.g. if I want to hide the file "secrets-abo=
government.doc" in a file "xy.gpg", I (or the receipient) just gets "xy" =
after decryption.

So I've written a small program in Perl which should be operable both on =
Unix and=20

Comments, feed back and criticism are welcome

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