Steve Butler
Wed Mar 27 16:31:02 2002

I've seen this under two conditions (which are twins of each other):

1.  The file was FTP'ed using ASCII rather than Binary mode from a =
box to a *NIX box.  This causes all <CR> bytes to be dropped from the =

2.  The file was sent in Binary mode from a WSFTP client to a Linux =
One or more (but not all) <CR> characters where dropped.  The file is at
least one byte short.  Wish I could find the culprit cause it only =
with one client!

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Subject: Help!!


Today while decrypting a file, I got following errors:
gpg : fatal :zlib inflate problem : invalid stored
block lengths
secmem usage : 2048/3552 bytes in 4/8 blocks of pool

I have gpg (GnuPG) 1.0.4 version.

It's difficult for me to understand this error.
Please help me out in solving this problem.


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