Steve Butler
Wed Mar 27 17:52:01 2002

I wish I knew!  So far it is happening only with one client.  But it =
to happen every time they need to send the file.  So far they can resend =
up to four times before all the bytes show up.=20

I'm pointing the finger at the client's software.  So far they are =
to take my suggestion and attempt to a UNIX to Linux FTP so see if that =
more reliable.  Every so often they don't spot the size discrepancy and =
automated script emails me that gpg returned a status of '2'.  Hand =
to decrypt usually so that problem that started this thread (zlib =
but have shown various other errors. =20

So, if in doubt, have the client verify the length of the file!

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On 2002-03-27 07:27-0800 Steve Butler wrote:

> 2.  The file was sent in Binary mode from a WSFTP client to a Linux
> host. One or more (but not all) <CR> characters where dropped. The
> file is at least one byte short.

In _binary_ mode??? Sheesh, that's an ugly one! Is this a common flaw
with the WSFTP clients, or a specific version? Bugs like that cannot be
accepted, it has to be corrected ASAFP.


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