1024 bit encryption compromised?

Steve Butler sbutler@fchn.com
Wed Mar 27 18:06:02 2002

We have one client using RSA.  Last fall they moved to 4096 bits due to
rumors about vulnerability at 1024.  We moved to 2048 bit DSA/ELG-E at the
same time.  Perhaps we're just paranoid.

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    According to a security debate sparked off by cryptography expert
    Lucky Green on Bugtraq yesterday, 1,024-bit RSA encryption should
    be "considered compromised".

The question is floating around among us -- would it be wise to upgrade
to 2048 bits, or is this just speculations? Now that they're talking
about this, I guess one should be a step ahead of the snoopers --
especially when it comes to the future robustness of the signatures.

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