Creating user id's with International Characters

Oliver Schönrock
Sat Mar 30 20:07:01 2002

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As you can see from my "Real Name" I have a continuous issue with the=20
German "Umlaut".

RFC 2047 now allows the use non-ASCII characters in the message Header, and =

most clients these days support it.

When I recently downloaded GnuPG and created my Key-Pair, I created the=20
UserID real name with the "Umlaut". No problem so far on my machine (which=20
BTW is W2K).

Problem came when I submitted my key to a keyserver which failed to read=20
the non-ASCII character correctly.

I suspect that this is caused by my W32 environment using ISO-8859-1 and=20
the specification for OpenPCP speficifying UTF-8.

However after half a day on this problem I can't seem to find a solution to =

creating a key that represents the Umlaut correctly so that it will appear=20
properly in the message header/cmail client under RFC 2047, and in the=20
Keyserver Listing accroding to RFC 2440.

I am sure this is a very common problem in German speaking regions and=20
there is an obvious solution.

Help would be very much appreciated.


Oliver Sch=F6nrock
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