Creating user id's with International Characters

Ingo Klöcker
Sun Mar 31 00:45:01 2002

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On Saturday 30 March 2002 20:05, Oliver Schönrock wrote:
> As you can see from my "Real Name" I have a continuous issue with the
> German "Umlaut".

As you can see, /me too. ;-)

> RFC 2047 now allows the use non-ASCII characters in the message
> Header, and most clients these days support it.
> When I recently downloaded GnuPG and created my Key-Pair, I created
> the UserID real name with the "Umlaut". No problem so far on my
> machine (which BTW is W2K).

Same here.

> Problem came when I submitted my key to a keyserver which failed to
> read the non-ASCII character correctly.

Well, obviously this is the keyserver's fault. My user id is also not 
displayed correctly on the WWW interface of the keyserver and PGP 6.5.8 
also doesn't do it right (I heard that PGP 7 finally does it correctly, 
but who cares anyway). GnuPG OTOH is RFC 2440 compliant and encodes the 
user id correctly in utf-8.

> However after half a day on this problem I can't seem to find a
> solution to creating a key that represents the Umlaut correctly so
> that it will appear properly in the message header/cmail client under
> RFC 2047, and in the Keyserver Listing accroding to RFC 2440.

Why should the user id appear in a message header?

> I am sure this is a very common problem in German speaking regions
> and there is an obvious solution.

The obvious solution I can propose is not to use a broken mail client 
which can't handle utf-8 encoded user ids correctly.

But maybe there is really a problem with your user id. Please send your 
public key to the list so that we can have a look.


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