Install GnuPG on Win98? Use GPA?

Timo Schulz
Sun Mar 31 17:18:01 2002

On Sun Mar 31 2002; 16:08, Oliver Schönrock wrote:

> I have now also downloaded and installed the GnuPP package. Using WinPT 
> to generate a new key I get exactly the same problem. The Umlaut is not 
> encoded properly into the key.

Hmmm, this is strange. I generated some test keys with international
characters in the userID and they were correctly encoded into ISO-8859-1.
So the "gpg -k" output was okay.

> is bought in the UK and I run it with System Locale=UK, english keyboard 
> etc... Could this be affecting how GnuPG and/or WinPT read the command 
> line/input box on which I type in the real name. In other words, could it 

I'm not sure about this but maybe it caused the problem.

> again the new key I have generated, this time using WinPT from the GnuPP:

The second userID you created doesn't have charset problems so I guess
you created it later with GPG on the command line?