Install GnuPG on Win98? Use GPA?

Greg Strong
Sun Mar 31 21:26:02 2002

In article <005801c1d89b$bbea27a0$3c709d42@sardine>, Justin Troutman wrote:
> I would recommend downloading the GnuPP package, which bundles GnuPG,
> GPA, and WinPT together for easy installation.
> The GnuPP site it in German, but with a little help from Google
> translation, you should be able to comprehend everything at:
> v=/search%3Fq%3DGnuPP%26hl%3Den

If the package you are referring to is at, 
then I don't believe GPA is bundled.  From reading the documentation only 
WinPT & GnuPG.  The site now has documentation in English, so no translation 

> As for integration with mail clients, on my Windows 98 box, I use
> GPGOE (for Outlook Express), which utilizes the S/MIME encrypt/sign
> buttons (although not using S/MIME) to do the GnuPG encrypt/sign
> routines. I am well pleased with it, especially after migrating from
> all the GUI eye-candy of PGP and its mail plugins.
> Also, check for plugins and such
> which might be of use to you and whichever mail client you decide on
> using.
> Hope this helps you get started with using the application. If you
> have any questions, feel free to send 'em on.

Since I have NOT used GnuPG, the integration into email is a little vague to 
me at this time.  I will have to install and use.  I would imagine the 
frontend plugins basically make the integration into the email client 

One of the reasons I want to try WinPT is the fact that it is not email client 
dependent.  I haven't yet decided what email program I will using long term, 
so this is a big plus.  From the GnuPG reading I've done so far, you can use 
it to encrypt a message or sign a message.  As I understand it the signing of 
the message authenticates the message being sent by you.  Since most of the 
people I communicate online with do not use PGP, this would be my primary 
purpose.  However, if needed the encryption option is always a big plus.

After receiving the WinPT recommendation from you and other sources, I have 
decided to give it a try.  Thanks for the information.


Greg Strong

Sun, 31 Mar 2002 13:10 CST