Adding photos

Gordon Worley
Sun May 12 20:44:01 2002

With the new photo options in 1.0.7, people on the Mac GPG list have 
been having fun with checking out my photo and the photos on other 
keys.  This inspired me to try to update my photo.  Things have not gone 

My current photo is a meager 2471 bytes.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to 
add such a small photo any longer since GPG is requiring a JPEG.  When I 
added my photo it was in PICT format (a relative of TIFF IIRC) and I'm 
guessing PGP did some compression to get the 2 kB photo.  With GPG, 
still trying to add a 120x144 photo, I can't get one any smaller than 
about 13 kB because it has to be JPEG.  Is there any particular reason 
that this file has to be JPEG or is that really just a suggestion?  GPG 
seems to handle my current photo just fine and is able to display it.

Thanks for any information on this.

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