[Announce]OpenCDK 0.3.3

Timo Schulz twoaday@freakmail.de
Mon Nov 25 13:53:02 2002

Current Version: 0.3.3 (latest devel 0.3.4-cvs)
License: GPL
Author: Timo Schulz <twoaday@freakmail.de>
Available from: http://www.winpt.org/opencdk.html


this is the first public announcement for OpenCDK. It is a library to
provide some basic parts of the OpenPGP Message Format (RFC2440).

First the library was planned for key conversation in GnuTLS and other
applications which support OpenPGP keys but after a while, I decided to
include some low-level functions for file handling.

Now the library basically consists of two parts. First, the key database
code which can be used for reading, writing, export, import and key
conversation and secondly file routines.

It is *not* planned to add full OpenPGP support or to replace any of
the existing OpenPGP versions. But it some cases, it might be handy to
have OpenPGP natively without a detour over pipes.

The library itself does *not* contain any cryptographic code. For this,
Libgcrypt is used which bases on GPG code which was tested a lot. Other parts
of the lib also contain GPG code to reduce the time for testing new code.

For a good introduction, the MinPG example might be a good start. It shows
how to use the API and how things work.

If you use Debian, you can also use the precompiled package from Debian.org
(unstable) but it's not up-to-date and might have more problems (it is 0.3.2).
If you are interested to get the latest version, use anonymous CVS.

Here is short overview about the recently added features:

Noteworthy changes in version 0.3.3 (2002-11-16)

* Support for the various signatures types (detached, ...)
* Sign and Encrypt is working now.
* Limited support for RFC1991 (v3 signatures, ...)
* Corrected a problem with decompressing larger files.
* A lot of bug fixes all over the place.
* UTF8 en- and decoding routines.

Noteworthy changes in version 0.3.2 (2002-11-07)

* Keyserver support (HKP only).
* Fixed problem with v3 signatures.
* Fixed problem with searching packets in KBNODEs.
* API documentation for the external interface.


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