PGP and signing subkeys

David Shaw
Tue Nov 26 06:35:01 2002

Hi folks,

Some good news on the signing subkeys front - after the disappointment
of the first beta, I wrote a note to the PGP folks giving the various
rationales of signing subkeys and the new PGP 8 beta now supports
signing subkeys.  I tested it, and it works fine with both DSA and RSA
signing subkeys.

Note that this doesn't mean PGP 8 can make signatures with a subkey,
but it at least doesn't barf when it verifies a message signed with a
signing subkey from GnuPG.

Another nice thing that showed up in the latest beta is the ability to
understand SHA-1 protected secret keys.  This means PGP 8 can handle
keys generated with GnuPG 1.0.7 and later without any of the
"--simple-sk-checksum & change your passphrase" stuff.

Let's just hope that these features stay in for the final release. :)


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