verification of clearsigned e-mails // question/request
Tue Apr 29 18:25:02 2003

for verification of clearsigned messages, when there is a 'bad' signature,

would it be possible/feasible to have an option of '--try-all-unwraps',

(i.e, try 'unwrapping' the message, and re-attempt verification, assuming
a wrap setting of 60 characters/line, if still bad, then try 61, etc...
until a setting of 100 characters/line, 

(could be only from settings of  64 to 80, 
or whatever settings would be necessary to cover all the e-mail clients)

and if a 'good' signature is found after unwrapping at a particular wrap
setting, to list which wrap setting it was

the gpg output might look  something like this:

gpg: bad signature from key ID (key signed with)
gpg: try all unwraps? yes/no

gpg: good signature from key id when unwrapped at setting of 80 characters/line


gpg: bad signature at all unwrap settings,  60-100 characters/line

this wouldn't help with mangled headers or extra dashes or other characters
that e-mail clients add,

but would solve the false 'bad' signature commonly resulting from different
wrap settings


with Respect,


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