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Carl L. Gilbert lamont_gilbert@rigidsoftware.com
Tue Aug 5 13:01:02 2003

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On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 04:51, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> <general rant on evo and PGP...>
> You may find some discussions I had with the evo people about various PGP=
> issues. I generally had the impression that GPG has a low priority for th=
> evo people, and that the architecture of evo is fundamentally flawed sinc=
> they need to integrate the GPG stuf in (IMHO) the wrong place - the PGP/M=
> implementation in evo was probably one of the buggiest for a long time.
> Inline PGP has flaws, as soon as non-ascii chars are encrypted (and of co=
> there's the missing protection for attachments). Yes, it mostly works. Th=
> why I chose PGP/MIME. To those using M$ products not able to display thes=
> mails: tough luck. I don't care in most cases. For private communication =
- as=20
> John noted - kmail offers the choice to do inline sigs as well.

If its an attachment, then shouldn't it be signed as any other separate
file is.  And that signature then attached!?  Same goes for encryption.=20
attachments should be encrypted / signed before they are attached.=20
Thats not evolutions job.  Evo could make it easy by doing that work for
you.  But I honestly do not expect everything in 1 email with
attachments to get signed and encrypted in 1 fell swoop.

Of course its not about displaying mails that evo produces.  These other
email programs decided to handle 'both' situations.  So most can display
evo's signatures and encryptions.  Evolution has not done this.  In
fact, I think people are asking, at least I am, for evolution to
'verify' inline sigs, but not necessarily produce them.

Thank you,

CL Gilbert
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