I recently start to use the gnupg for windows

John Clizbe JPClizbe@comcast.net
Wed Aug 6 01:25:02 2003

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Cesar Augusto wrote:
> Hello
> I have unpacked the software and created my public and personal key with
> gnupg. I'm working in a little enterprise and we have 10 computers. The
> case is that we wanna probe the software for electronic signing our
> emails. We use Outloot Express... how do I do  it?
> Thanks a lot

First off, I'm not an Outlook user. It's filtering rules weren't flexible
enough for my taste. GPG seems better supported in other MUAs than in
Outlook and Outlook Express. On Windows, Mozilla and Enigmail
(http://enigmail.mozdev.org/ ) are pretty popular.

You may want to look at GPGOE - an GPG plugin for OE
(http://www.winpt.org/gpgoe.html ).   Supported are the following versions
of Outlook Express: Version 5.0, Version 5.5 and Version 6.0.

There is a plugin for Outlook along with install and setup directions at
http://trilug.org/~chrish/gpg-outlook.php .

GPA - The Gnu Privacy Assistant
A very easy to use plug-in for Outlook / Outlook Express

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