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Mon Dec 22 03:25:04 CET 2003

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> I am facing a problem with gpg. i want to decrypt a file and i want all
> the decryption information to be incorporated in gpg command itself. i
> have this requirement because i need to use it in shell script
> if i give command
> gpg --decrypt a.gpg     It ask me for passpharase on command promt
> but i want to use this command in the shell so i need to provide the
> passphrase along with the command so i tried this
> gpg --decrypt a.pgp  --passphrase-fd 'my passpharase'
> but this dont work
> can anyone please help me out solving this

echo 'password' | gpg  --passphrase-fd 0  --decrypt a.gpg

this is horribly insecure.


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