Downloading public keys with GnuPG

Ben Branders
Thu Jun 19 09:18:02 2003

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CL Gilbert wrote:
> Interesting.  This works for me.  Can you send signed mails?  

Yes, I can do that.  That's no problem.

> Sounds like Enigmail is not working properly.  For me I get a x'ed out pencil
> on signed messages that have sigs I do not know.  I push the pencil and
> then it begins to connect to the server that I chose, and DL the key.
 > Are you sure those people have their key in the keyserver you have
 > chosen to quary?  Sometimes I have to use a diff server because a user
 > might be only in a specific one.  Do you get the pencil icon?

The same here.  An unknown signature gets a broken pen and a know but
untrusted signature a pen with an questionmark.

I can also click on the pen.  Enigmail _tries_ to download the public 
key.  Then it says it can't find the server or it can't find the key. 
But tried with different (working) servers and with different keys... 
At least one key has to be on a server, don't you think?

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