I have no idea about "IDEA."

Todd Todd <Freedom_Lover@pobox.com>
Wed Mar 19 19:12:03 2003

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> --- Todd [...] wrote:
>> I've had a few pints so I could be way off base here, but it's possible
>> that your key has IDEA listed in the preferences.  So the folks
>> encrypting to you are only following the instructions your key is giving
>> them.
> Not possible. The key has no preferences (which I verified with the
> command you suggested), since PGP 2.6.2 created it.

If you created it with pgp2 then it's definitely using IDEA.  I think you
have two choices:

    1) generate a new key; or
    2) install the IDEA plugin

I don't recall if there's a way to upgrade a key from pgp2 to something gpg
can use without IDEA.  You might want to look in the archives.

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