Gustavo Vasconcelos gustavo.hlv@gmx.net
Sun Mar 30 23:46:02 2003

I would not comment this, but as many friends are exposing their
opinions, mine won't hurt too.

The OpenSource movement is produced by human beings, with feelings and
ideas. The result of their hard work is avaible for free to the while
world. It is their right to say what they think: if they didn't care
about privacy, GnuPG itself wouldn't be a reality.

They are not a megacorporation which avoids choosing sides on
controversial subjects to keep (or pretend to keep) "loyalty" to all its


engage wrote:

>I don't know if the gnupg.org website was hacked but I have to state that such 
>emotional political statements have no business on such a website. Such 
>statements have nothing to do with the GnuPG product. Let's keep things 

Gustavo Vasconcelos
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