WinPT Current Window Problem

Eddie Roosenmaallen
Wed May 28 06:37:02 2003

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Hi Servie,

I run into the same issue - I have with every past version of WinPT, as well
as with PGPFreeware 7-point-something. Make sure the area you want WinPT to
work with is selected - it isn't always immediately apparent. You can also
try selecting the text before executing the command (sometimes works,
sometimes doesn't).

Also, some software is uncooperative - At some point, Opera started using
custom widgets for many purposes, which simply won't work with the "current
window" mode. For these programs, the only practical way to do it is to cut
the text, work with it on the clipboard, then paste it.

  Eddie Roosenmaallen

Servie Platon wrote:
> If I go to WinPT - Current Window - Sign & Encrypt or just Sign only. I
> get an error message - WinPT Error: Make sure that the window contains
> text. Could not extract data from the current window.
> The window is currently active and I have no other windows open. I even
> go up to the extent of highlighting this whole message body and still get
>  the same error message.

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