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Thu Feb 5 15:24:09 CET 2004

On Thursday 05 February 2004 04:45, Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

[inline breaks often with non-ASCII]
> the body of an email should really only contain plain-old ascii.

So all non-english speakers are forbidden to use Email? Inline is supposed to 
be applied over the decoded message content, thus there may be 8 bit 
characters in there.

> for signing attachments, i would either:
>  a) attach a signature for each attachment
> 	(doubling the number of attachments)
>  b) specify the hash of any attachments in the body, and sign the body
> i prefer the latter.

Ugh. I prefer PGP/MIME.

My policy: on list mail, I always use PGP/MIME - it's not my problem that some 
people chose a bad MUA to read their mail. On private mail, it depends: with 
some people, I use inline as I know that they use OE. OTOH with people who 
send me signed email, I always use PGP/MIME - when they use MSOE, they 
*should* know better. I have made the experience that many ticketing systems 
do break on MIME (generally, not just multipart/signed). So there's only 
inline signed mail in that direction.

-- vbi

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