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Johan Wevers wrote:

| Ingo [Kl_cker] wrote:
| My system displays the character after the "[Kl" as an underscore - is
| that supposed to be, or is this one of the 8-bit translation errors I'm
| talking about?
|>Did you notice that you contradict yourself? In the first paragraph you
|>complain that the message size grows significantly. And in the third
|>paragraph you propose to use \alpha which is significantly larger than
|>alpha in a Greek charset or even in Unicode.
| Yes, but assuming those characters are not very often used an encoding
| scheme where the charecters that are most often used use less bits than
| those that are rarer is more efficient.

Efficient?  As in worrying about an extra byte or two?

Look what you're saying, man: speakers of pretty much all languages but
English should stick to a crude, makeshift, and essentially illegible
standard of email so you can save a few microseconds downloading your mail.

The password is ... "abhorrent."
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