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Stewart V. Wright svwright+lists at amtp.liv.ac.uk
Tue Jan 13 11:22:47 CET 2004

G'day Neil,

* Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> [040111 16:13]:
> > this leads my mutt to not detecting signed mails as signed and reports
> > that the Signature could not be verified (Well, the gpg output is
> > correct)
> Others are using mutt without apparent problems, perhaps there's a 
> configuration you've changed / omitted?

Nope, we aren't.  I _think_ this was discussed recently (within the
last few months) on the mutt-users list without much conclusion being

What I do is just look at the output of gpg that mutt displays (which
usually tells me the message has been verified) and ignore the mutt
interpretation of what is going on.  The question (for me) is does
anyone _really_ care if a signed this message is faked or not.  If
there was some code or something important in it I would worry, but 9
times out of 10 for mailing lists I don't worry.

> I'm only just getting used to mutt and haven't used it for mailing
> lists yet, others on the list should be able to clarify what's
> happening in your case. 

_Just_ getting used to mutt???  You should spend all of your waking
hours learning to love the flea bitten little mongrel.  Honestly
though, if it takes you more than 2 hours you're doing something
wrong!  :-)


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