UTF8 passphrase problem (I think)

Holger Sesterhenn Holger.Sesterhenn at smgwtest.aachen.utimaco.de
Fri Jul 23 08:53:57 CEST 2004

Hi Tom,

>>i didn't think of the possibility that it's an IDEA encrypted key....

If a key is older than 1999 and it is an RSA key the possibilty is not
that small, especially if it is created with PGP 5.x ;-)

> 07cf11c6 Created 2003-09-16 under Linux/8859 DSA Sym alg - CAST5(sym 3)
> o   Passphrase no good for signing or adduid.  I think I should
> concentrate on this one and figure out why the passphrase isn't
> working.

This is strange.

> d2e6a4b8 Created 1998-06-23 with Windows/PGP5 DSA Sym alg - CAST5(sym 3)
> o   Passphrase no good.  If I can get 07cf11c6 to work, this one should
> too.

I am not sure but using CAST5 as the sym algo for encryption does not
necessarly mean your passphrase is encrypted using CAST5, too. I have
not dig into the source of PGP 5 but there has been some discussions on
this point a few month ago (David?). PGP 5 can encrypt messages (and the
passphrase of course) using IDEA even if the key is of version 4
(DSA/ElGamal or RSA V4) like yours.

> bc0e8015 Created 1998-07-04 with Windows/2.6 RSA Sym alg - IDEA(sym 1)
> o   This is the only one that uses IDEA. 

Have you ever tried to use the evaluation version of PGP to clear the
passphrases, export the keys and import them with GnuPG?

Or use the old PGP for linux version? (5.x)

Best Regards,

Holger Sesterhenn
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