GPG and simple file encryption

Michael Roth mroth at
Tue Sep 14 00:15:58 CEST 2004

Anthony Thyssen wrote:
> For a long time I have encrypted some plain text files using PGP
> as follows...
>     (using v2)    pgp   -c file
>     (using v5)    pgpe  -c file
> to decrypt
>     (using v2)  pgp   file.pgp
>     (using v5)  pgpv  file.pgp
> I also have filter commands for use in my vim editor.
> However I am now trying to find GPG equivelents, but when I try to
> encrypt it wants to use a public key, not just a pass-phase.

"man gpg":

    -c, --symmetric
              Encrypt  with  a  symmetric   cipher   using   a
              passphrase.   The  default symmetric cipher used
              is CAST5, but may be chosen with  the  --cipher-
              algo option.

So the solution is:

        (encrypt)       gpg -c file
        (decrypt)       gpg file.gpg

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