Compiled gnupg-1.2.6 Successful???

Servie Platon servie_tech at
Wed Sep 15 21:54:42 CEST 2004

Hi folks,

My apologies if this scenario may have been asked
before. I'm not sure though whether I should just
revoke my key or just delete them and create a new

I have gnupg-1.2.4-2.1 pre-installed with my FC2. I
printed a copy of the Gnu Privacy Handbook which comes
in very handy and used the instructions here to
generate a DSA/ElGamal 2048 bit key which turned out

Since the GNU Privacy Handbook has instructions on how
to compile gnupg from source, I thought why not give
it a try and compile gnupg from source and do an
upgrade. Now, I compiled gnupg-1.2.6 source and was
successful. And I generated another set of keys, this
time RSA sign only which didn't give me problem.

I issued the command gpg --list-keys and my terminal
gave me a listing of the generated public keys, I
copied the preferred public key hexadecimal value to
my MUA (Ximian Evolution) so that everytime I compose
a new mail message, the email gets automatically

The problem is this, after creating a new mail message
 and after I click the send button on evolution, it
asks me for the pass phrase. I type in the passpharse
for that particular key but evolution does not accept.
I tried using the other key's pass phrase and not much
use either.

Here are my questions:

1. Do I have to download and install a plugin for
evolution to work with gnupg? Or would you say the
reason for this error is I have two public keys with
the same name (my name and email address), so it
doesn't know which one to use?

2. I wanted to remove all keys and start from the very
beginning by deleting both private and public keys and
create another one, would this be alright?

3. What is the most ideal setup or conf that I should
do for my laptop? Compile the latest source first,
then gen a key and sign or encryp as required and
finally create a revocation key?

Slowly but surely, I am trying to switch from windows
to linux for desktop environment using Gnome or KDE
and gnupg is just one of the things that I should
straighten out first before I migrate totally to FC2.

Thank you very much in advance.


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