Moving the GPG keys from 1 machine to another

David Shaw dshaw at
Tue Dec 20 17:59:37 CET 2005

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 03:15:21PM -0800, amit bhalerao wrote:
> Hi ,
>     We have just completed the migration of the application from 1  
> AIX box to another and have changed the encryption from PGP to GPG.
> Since there are many external vendors involved the process is bit  
> tedious following up with vendor to change keys.
>     JUst wanted to confirm in case if we move the application from 1  
> AIX box to another :
> 1.  Do we have to create a new GPG keys on new machine and send it   
> to vendor and repeat the tedious process again everytime we move to  
> new machine?

No, you don't.

> 2. Is there any way we can migrate GPG keys from old box to new box  
> without following up with vendors to change key at their end?
>         If anyone has done before please let me know.

On old box:

  gpg --export-key (thekey) > mykeyfile.gpg
  gpg --export-secret-key (thekey) >> mykeyfile.gpg

(now copy mykeyfile.gpg from old machine to new)

On new box:

  gpg --import mykeyfile.gpg


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