the best signature type someone can give me

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at
Mon Oct 31 10:16:55 CET 2005

David Shaw wrote:

>It is not suggested.  NR signatures are useful in very specific
>circumstances, and regular people signing other people's keys are not
>one of those circumstances.
Can you tell me one of these circumstances, I can't imagine one *g*

>It's not necessarily a benefit to you
>that someone can't revoke a signature - if you lose your key and can't
>revoke it, you'd want your signers to revoke their signatures.
Of course, but I have a printed revokation certificate below my bed,.... 
uhm ah,.. no it's not under my bed,.. but,.. uhm somewhere else ;-)

>>Than the signature level (0, 1, 2 ,3) => of course 3 is the best,.. 
>>he/she checkt my UID very carefully or so
>Remember that the numbers don't actually mean anything - a "2" for one
>person may be the same as a "3" for someone else.  The web of trust
>does not look at these numbers at all, except that signature level 1
>is ignored by default.  You don't get any more validity from a 3 than
>you get from a 2 or a 0.
Ah, yes :-)

>>Trust signatures,...
>>What is the difference between a normal and a trust signature. I don't 
>>understand that concept *g*
>Trust signatures are not generally useful outside of hierarchal
>company-type environments.
Same as above,.. what would be an example where someone could use this? 
How does it work at all, I mean what does a trust signature tell the 
WoT? And what does the level of it mean?

Best wishes,
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