trouble decrypting AES256 symmetric encrypted file

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Sep 21 07:18:26 CEST 2005

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:11:11 -0500, Ryan Malayter said:

> Werner, I can confirm that large file (> 4GB) support does not work on
> Win32 without using file redirection, at least in version 1.4.1. Did
> you make a change to enable 64-bit file sizes in a later version?

I have not changed anything in the code for a long time.  However at
some point I switched from my old cross-building environment to
Debian's mingw32.

I am about to order a new Windows machine - that should give me enough
space to test with large files.

> testing. Are there debug builds of GPG for win32 that might be useful
> in this regard? Or will using "-vv" give the kind of information

I doubt that we have enough debugging code in place to track down this
issue.  As an educated guess I would say something with the error
checking in GetFileSize is wrong or I misinterpreted the documentation
which is somehwat contradictionary as it claims that GetFileSize may
not be used for larger files but nevertheless it returns in an
optional parameter the high word of the file size.  gpg does not use
this optional parameter but detect the error code of a too large file
and then acts internally as if the file has been piped into gpg.  I'll
see with the new machine.



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