Changing HomeDir for GnuPG

Julia Dashkevich iulia_das at
Thu Apr 20 20:12:05 CEST 2006

Already found a way to add new keys in GPGrelay.  The
right answer always seems to be one click away from me
with open source.  I am such a deep-rooted
mswin-product-user created from a bone in which there
was no marrow:) trying to turn over a new leaf now.

Now I am looking for a safe way to change GnuPG's
HomeDir.  Would the following course of action help me
to do it without damage to my working programs?
(1.) back up the Home Dir from its current location
2. change the directory from GPGshell's GPGconfig
where it says:
GnuPG registry settings:
by browsing for the desired directory
3. check if it has copied the files from the former
HomeDir to the new one, if not do it manually
4. delete (if need be) the directory in the old
5. check that it has written the correct path in the
Registry using regedt32
6. check if all my programs depending on GnuPG keys
are still working properly
i could of course just try editing the registry and
changing the folder location manually, but i don't
have enough experience editing the registry, so i
would rather avoid it.


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