Passphrase problem

Blanc Nicolas nicolas-g.blanc at
Fri Jan 6 23:41:13 CET 2006


	I am using GnuPG since about 2 years and I never had any problem with it. But 
recently, I update my KDE to KDE 3.5 and then I got a problem using my keys. 
Of course, I don't know if there is a link with what I've done, but since 
then, I can't decrypt any encrypted file. My secret keys are available and 
when I want to decrypt, it just says that my passphrase is wrong. But, I am 
SURE about my passphrase !

	I have done the update of KDE on my computer and my laptop, and with both I 
can't use my keys anymore to decrypt (I can still encrypt with). 

	And, if I create a new key and I encrypt with it, I've got no problem 
decrypting the file.

	And I really don't know why... Maybe a problem with KDE ? the keyboard 
mapping ? Or a problem with charset ?

	Thanks for your response.


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