Werner Koch wk at
Wed May 10 11:11:20 CEST 2006

"Moueen BG" <coffeepot at> writes:

> the few reliable HIPAA compliant applications for Palm. Now the
> available applications vary in reliability and show a near complete
> lack of standardization. The PGP people refuse to make PGP for Palm
> available even commercially.

I am not using a PDA, instead I carry an TP X31 around which is more
versatile ;-).  Thus I won't spent time on porting gpg for Palm or

Paid development is obviously a different case.

> How about a "SuperWaba" ( port? This would
> make it useful on more than one platform (Palm OS, Symbian 7.0s (Nokia
> 6600, 6670) etc...), No? Would this introduce more security headaches?

I have only looked at the Nokia 770 recently but frankly did not found
the time to figure out good entropy sources for random numbers.



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