gpg error messag

David Shaw dshaw at
Mon Nov 6 05:45:38 CET 2006

On Sun, Nov 05, 2006 at 10:44:26PM -0500, Jim Dever wrote:
> Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> > Jim Dever wrote:
> >> Can anyone help me out with the meaning of this error message?
> > 
> > It will help us out considerably if you can tell us more about your
> > problem.  What operating system are you using?  What version of GnuPG
> > are you using?  What hash algorithm does the message say it's using?
> > What program generated the message in question?  What version of
> > Enigmail?  What... etcetera?
> Ok... Using Windows XP Pro, Thunderbird Enigmail, GnuPG
> 1.4.5.
> I'm trying to verify the signature on the automated email from the PGP
> Global directory keyserver.  This is the only email that has ever shown
> this message.  Here's the Enigmail Console output with a -vv added to
> it.  Hash appears to be SHA1.

The program that generated this message has a problem.  First it
announces that the signature hash is going to be SHA1:

> gpg: armor header: Hash: SHA1

Then it provides the signature:

> :signature packet: algo 1, keyid 9710B89BCA57AD7C
> 	version 3, created 1160456543, md5len 5, sigclass 01
> 	digest algo 8, begin of digest 0b 1a
> 	data: [2046 bits]

Digest algo 8 is SHA256, not SHA1.

You might be able to manipulate things into verifying the signature by
editing the file to change the SHA1 string to SHA256, but the real
problem is probably in whatever program generated the message.


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