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Chris cpollock at
Sat Apr 14 04:04:29 CEST 2007

On Friday 13 April 2007 8:45 pm, David Shaw wrote:

> > until 31 Oct. Question being do I keep the Earthlink key and also
> > generate one for my Embarq address or once I have everything setup for
> > the Embarq servers generate one for Embarq and at that time reovke the
> > Earthlink key?
> This is one of those things that can be done in multiple different
> ways - all of which are "right".
> If you can get mail today at the Embarq address, even though the
> Earthlink address still works, there is no harm in making an Embarq
> key now.  You can revoke the Earthlink key whenever you'd like -
> personally, I'd do it when the Earthlink address stops forwarding.
> There is one other way to do this that you might want to consider.
> Instead of making a new key, just add a new user ID to your existing
> key.  The end result is a key with two addresses on it.  Once the
> Earthlink forwarding stops, revoke just the Earthlink user ID on the
> key (not the whole key).
> David
Thanks Joseph, Roscoe and David, you all three came up with the same 
suggestion which sounds like the best route to go. I'll read up on the 
manpage on how to do this and maybe give it a try this weekend.

Thanks for the quick replies.


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