Making Progress, Still having Bad Signatures.

Robert Smits bob at
Mon Jan 1 01:54:59 CET 2007

On Saturday 30 December 2006 05:00, Michael Kallas wrote:
> Hi,

> > Here is the discovery. When I look at mail in the sent box in kmail, the
> > signatures are marked as good signatures, but the sig id has changed.
> >
> > The key signature has an id of 0x3E6E37DA when I look in the KGpg key
> > management window. When I look at the sent message it's marked with the
> > following key:  0xECE5238D3E6E37DA.
> This is exactly the same key, it's just short or long id.
> If you want to check keys, short ids are not enough as there can be
> doubles. Long ids are practically unique.
> Best wishes
> Michael

Thanks, Michael, I didn't know they had long and short IDs.
Bob Smits bob at

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