Still Bad Signatures - KGPG seems broken

Olaf Gellert olaf.gellert at
Mon Jan 1 14:48:09 CET 2007

Robert Smits wrote:

> Since I can send a message from the Windows Partition through my ISP and I can 
> receive it on either my Linux partition or my Windows partition with a good 
> signature I come to the conclusion that the ISP isn't doing anything bad to 
> the email, but that it has something to do with what happens to it when I 
> send it. 

Well, can't tell for your special case. But there have
always been issues with encoding (7 bit / 8 bit) so it
might be that your emails encoding differs when you send
it from windows or linux (and this may cause some mailer
on the way to change the encoding (and destroy your clear-
signed messages) or not).

> I wonder if anyone else with a similar setup (Suse 10.1/Kmail/Kontact/Kgpg) 
> can try sending themselves a signed email and see if this problem is systemic 
> or mine alone.

Does this problem only occur when you send to mailing
lists? Or does it also occur when you send signed emails
to normal recipients? That would give a strong indication
on where the error actually happens...

Cheers, Olaf


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