Still Bad Signatures - KGPG seems broken

Robert Smits bob at
Mon Jan 1 18:53:20 CET 2007

On Monday 01 January 2007 05:48, Olaf Gellert wrote:
> Robert Smits wrote:
> > Since I can send a message from the Windows Partition through my ISP and
> > I can receive it on either my Linux partition or my Windows partition
> > with a good signature I come to the conclusion that the ISP isn't doing
> > anything bad to the email, but that it has something to do with what
> > happens to it when I send it.
> Well, can't tell for your special case. But there have
> always been issues with encoding (7 bit / 8 bit) so it
> might be that your emails encoding differs when you send
> it from windows or linux (and this may cause some mailer
> on the way to change the encoding (and destroy your clear-
> signed messages) or not).
Well, it didn't use to be this way. It seems to have broken in the last few 

> > I wonder if anyone else with a similar setup (Suse
> > 10.1/Kmail/Kontact/Kgpg) can try sending themselves a signed email and
> > see if this problem is systemic or mine alone.
> Does this problem only occur when you send to mailing
> lists? Or does it also occur when you send signed emails
> to normal recipients? That would give a strong indication
> on where the error actually happens...

No, it only seems to happen to me. That is, If I send a message to someone 
else it's normal and the sig is good. But if I send a message to myself, or 
to a mailing list and I then receive it myself, the sig is marked bad.

I can receive signed messages from other people just fine, however. 

Thanks, Bob
Bob Smits bob at

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