Werner Koch wk at
Fri Jan 5 14:58:26 CET 2007

On Fri,  5 Jan 2007 11:06, mk at said:

> But considering your motivation ("grateful [... to] have a Free Software
> implementation of the OpenPGP protocol.") you donated your money to the
> "wrong" address. IMHO you should have donated to GnuPG directly, give it

The problem donating it to the GnuPG project is that there is no way
we can use the money.  How should we divide it up and by what rules.
Shall we start to measure contributions by the number of source code
lines or quetions answered on the various lists?  I see no way for

Regarding my company, we prefer to get commercial requests for
support, enhancements or other services instead of Chrismas donations.



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