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Fri Jan 5 18:50:42 CET 2007

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    Was Fri, 05 Jan 2007, at 08:17:26 -0500,
    when Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Matthias Kirschner wrote:

>> But considering your motivation ("grateful [... to] have a Free
>> Software implementation of the OpenPGP protocol.") you donated your
>> money to the "wrong" address. IMHO you should have donated to GnuPG
>> directly, give it to Werner as one of the main developers or to
>> g10code

> I think you should think your advocacy. Telling someone who's just
> made a charitable donation "... well, you really should've sent it
> somewhere else!" is churlish and rude.

Hmmm... Axis of Rudeness.

"Correct me but it is rude and churlish."[1]

> However, that said:

> Christmas is a time for donating to charities, not businesses. Making
> charitable contributions to g10 Code makes about as much sense to me
> as donating to DaimlerChrysler. The FSF, on the other hand, is a
> charitable organization and it makes as much sense to donate to them
> as it does to, say, Oxfam or the World Wildlife Fund.

The FSF is charitable organization??[2] If I had kicked my bucket
yesterday I wouldn't know that today.

(I just wonder what Stallman would say on this...)

Now that made my evening and in the same time explained the Salvation
Army melodies, vocabulary and arrangement in announcing the ten bucks
donation at the time of Catholic Christmas. (-:

> I suspect essentially everyone in the GnuPG community understands my
> position, and feels that contributing to the FSF is an excellent way
> to show my gratitude for the work of the GnuPG developers and
> maintainers.

> If I'm wrong, I invite people to say so, so that I may be corrected.  If
> I'm right, I invite people to say so, so that you may be corrected.

I don't know if they allow contributions lesser than or equal to ten
bucks to be...err...revoked.

Anyway, to the Orthodox Christians here, if any, merry the nearing
Christmas, and to the husbands, if any, Merry Wives of Theirs.

With or without a ten bucks. (:


[1] "Disarm yourself so I can attack you safely." <g>

[2] I like when a dry technical work is interluded by some slapstick

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