Insecure Memory Warning on HP-UX 11

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jan 25 11:08:56 CET 2007

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 15:55, gunnar.schwant at said:

> What do you think: Is this a problem which has to be adressed to HP or to
> the developers of GnuPG? 

Given that other folks are able to install it from source, there
seems to be a problem in the package HP distributes.  You might want
to check the source code of the package to see whether HP changed
anything compared to the vanilla GnuPG version.

The assertion failure is to make sure that the program does not run
with setuid privileges after it has mlocked some memory.

Depending on how you use gpg you might not need the extra protection
against passwords possible appearing in the swap partition.  In this
case don't suid(root) gpg but use the option --no-secmem-warning.



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