openpgp card problem

Jørgen Lysdal j.lysdal at
Thu Jan 25 17:54:32 CET 2007

For the last 2 hours i have been playing with my new openpgp card and
reader, trying to figure out how stuff works. So there are a few questions.

Can i restore my public key with only the card?

Do i need to backup my "secret key" from my local keyring or can i
restore it from my card?

In case im asked to type the admin pin, and i dont type anything, but
just presses enter, will it result in 1 wrong attempt?
(im worried that my broken enter button will send 3 keystrokes, as it
sometimes does)

Suppose i type the admin pin wrong 2 times, and the third time it is
correct, will the "wrong pin" counter reset?


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