explain nrsign & lsign?

snowcrash+gnupg-users schneecrash+gnupg-users at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 18:38:28 CET 2007


> > e.g., if i lsign "B" with "A", *which* key, then is made
> > non-exportable?  "A" or "B"?

> Neither. The *key* is still exportable. it is the signature that is local and not exported.

aha. a not-so-subtle distinction :-/ thanks!

> You use a local signature when you wish to sign a UID for your own
> use but do not wish others to depend on your signature.

so, just to be clear ...

if my purpose it to impart additional 'confidence' in "B" to _others_,
by signing it with "A", then i would *NOT* want to 'lsign', but rather
just sign/tsign, *and* publish the pubkey for "A".


thanks again!

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